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Chaozhou Three-Circle (Group) Co., Ltd. (CCTC) was established in 1970. It is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in research and development, manufacturing and sales of electronic basic materials, electronic components and communication devices. The company's products cover optical communications, electronics, electrical, machinery, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, biological and fashion applications. 

The main products are electronic components, semiconductor components, information and communication components and new energy components and system integration. Within these industries the sales volume of ceramic substrate for chip resistor and ceramic rod for resistor are one of the market leaders in the world.

CCTC Ceramic Capillary 三環瓷嘴

Thermosonic and ultrasonic bonding is widely used in semiconductor packaging like IC、LED and discrete devices. Capillary is one of the key tools to finish wire bonding.
CCTC: expert in ceramic materials. Its capillary is made from high-density materials. Through fine and uniform processing, the high precision and high stability of CCTC capillary is ensured. This process guarantees the quality of the products. In addition, CCTC enjoys design, analytical capabilities and engineering technical support. All customers’ technical problems can, thus, be addressed with great efficiency.


Material Properties 材料特性

CCTC produces two series of ceramic capillaries - - AZ series and AC series. Both are made from high density materials, improving wear resistance and reducing tip abrasion. With integrated production mode and high quality inspection system, CCTC capillaries exhibit excellent performance in a variety of packaging designs and bonding wires, such as gold wire, alloy wire and copper wire.

三環的長壽命材料 - - AZ系列(鋯晶)、AC系列(鋯鑽),主要採用了緻密性高的材料,從而提高產品的耐磨性能,可以抑制瓷嘴的尖端磨耗現象,滿足對銲接要求更高的應用。一體化的生產模式和高標準的質量檢測體系使得CCTC瓷嘴在各種IC、LED、分立器件封裝形式中都顯示出卓越的性能,適用於金線、合金線、銅線。

Physical and Mechanical Properties of AZ and AC Series




  顏色 Color
  硬度 Hardness(HV1)
  晶粒大小 Grain size(µm)
  密度 Density(g/cm³)
  成分 Composition

AC系列 AC Series

AZ系列 AZ Series

Tip Surface Finishes 瓷嘴尖端表面處理

In recent years, new semiconductor interconnect technologies are rapidly emerging, leading to intense market competition. Packaging companies make every effort to lower their costs. Such changes include changes in lead frame, substrate materials, metal coating of bonding area, wire types, wire diameters and the bonding process. These changes may, therefore, affect the reliability of wire bonding.
To provide effective solutions for the above changes, CCTC has developed and manufactured capillaries with various kinds of tip surface finish, further improving wire bonding reliability for customers.


P系列 P Series

P series:polish treatment,which are designed for gold wire application,could reduce intermetallic build-up on the tip,effectively longer the tool life.

M1系列 M1 Series

M1 series:for gold wire or Ag alloy wire application ,esp.,to improve bonding quality and reliability in poor solderability of the 2nd bond area application conditions.

M2系列 M2 Series

M2 series:for alloy wire application. Micro grain surface on the tip, excellent in enhancing better coupling between the capillary and the wire, to improve reliability of the stitch bond.

M3系列 M3 Series

M3 series:for Cu wire application. With special granulated morphology surface finishes, this series have better gripping ability, which are tailored to improve the tail bond reliability.

M4系列 M4 Series

M4 series:for Cu wire application with poor bonding conditions, effectively improving the stitch bond quality. What's more, the tip surface grain size could be changed and custom designed.


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