Your best semiconductor gateway

Company Profile

Founded in 1987, Hypersonic has been a professional semiconductor and electronics industry distributor for decades. Hypersonic specializes in IC packaging, IC testing, MEMS, Opto electronics, and automation systems. We provide customers with overall value-added services, including product development, technical support, and process integration.

Our business is mainly based in East Asia. We have 6 sales offices
and one manufacturing center in Taiwan and China. These facilities can offer our customers resource-integrated solutions and in-time services.

Each member of Hypersonic cooperates closely with principles to provide optimal services to customers. Our staff consists of an excellent team with sufficient experience in the IC industry. Taking the customer-oriented approach, we focus on providing the best solutions to our customers. Continuous training and broadening professional technology are what we are always pursuing, which can give the customers the competitive edge to succeed in today’s dynamic market.