TAK’s release films protect adhesiveness or can be used for carrier films by obtaining release property by coating silicone resins on heat resistant and high-molecular films. Our films are highly acknowledged by developing release films optimal for various applications including QFN and Flip Chip molding process.
Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. is a chemical-centered company, and produces various industrial materials ranging from basic materials which are the very foundation for industries, cutting-edged to high value materials.


1) QFN Mold Releasing film
Attached to the back side of leadframe that already goes through die attachment and wirebonding processes in order to prevent EMC mold flash during EMC molding. Removed easily at high temperature after the encapsulation and left no adhesive residue on the leadframe or the EMC surface.
2) Die attached film
TP249 is double side adhesive film, consisted of thermosetting adhesive coated on polyimide film. It can be used in die attached process to replace DA paste. TP249 has the advantage that easily control the BLT and no overflow issue, it’s good for small and thin stacking dies IC packages.
3) Lead Lock tape
Lead Lock Tape protects lead frame from strains during wire bonding by fixing lead of lead frame such as TSOP, QFP, etc. HPLT-170 has optimize performance which has good thermal stability and minimize lead shifting. Now is widely used by major lead frame makers.


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