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GracoRoberts is the single largest and most technically-focused specialty chemicals distributor to serve the global aerospace market. We specialize in the distribution, formulation, and packaging of adhesives, sealants, surface treatments, paints and coatings, composite materials, shop consumables, and more.

Resin Formulators

Resin Formulators is the manufacturing division of GracoRoberts. Resin Formulators custom formulates and manufactures epoxy resins, urethanes, and silicone specialty solutions to meet specific application, viscosity, color, and handling requirements. 

The applications of Resin Formulators include Adhesives, Sealants, Potting Compound, Encapsulation Compounds, Resin Systems and Syntactics.

Featured products:

RF5407 Epoxy Resin

RF5407 is an easy-to-use, aluminum oxide filled, liquid epoxy resin with excellent electrical insulation properties and high thermal conductivity. RF 5407 can be cured with nearly any hardener to produce a wide range of properties and cure cycles. Regardless of which curing agent is selected, the resultant plastic will have low shrinkage during cure, excellent thermal stability and conductivity, and will be strong and durable for casting.

  • Application Areas / Suggested Uses:Adhesives, Potting and bonding, High voltage relay potting, Staking of Li-ion battery cells, Encapsulation of motor windings.

  • Benefits:High thermal conductivity, Electrical insulation, Low shrinkage during cure, Thermal cycling capability and Strong and durable casting.

RF1141 Fast-Set Epoxy Syntactic System

RF1141A/B is a two-part low-density, fast-set epoxy syntactic system. This product is thixotropic and can be used on vertical surfaces without excessive run out from the bond line. RF 1141 A/B has a working life of 20 minutes and cures in six to eight hours at room temperature. The product was designed for edge close out and insert bonding to meet high production throughput demand for aerospace and composite applications.

  • Application Areas / Suggested Uses:Adhesives, Insert Bonding, Edge Close Out, Densification of honeycomb core structures.

  • Benefits:

    • Fast-set syntactic system.

    • Thixotropic

    • High production throughput

    • 3000+ psi compression strength

    • Low-density

    • Room temperature cure

    • Qualified to SCGMS 58001, Type 2, Class 1 or Class 2

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