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MDI is an equipment manufacturer that provides scribing, breaking, drilling, patterning, and other processing methods with original cutting tools and laser systems, as well as automatic equipment that enables high productivity.
We use our (patented) quality cutting technologies, developed since our founding in 1935, for various types of glass. We provide our customers with processing equipment and tools compatible with all kinds of hard and brittle materials, as well as multi-layered structures including metal and organic materials.

Product introduction:

LSII Series

  • Mechanical scriber for LTCC and other electric components.
  • Dry process at high through put.
  • The substrate is cut after ring using a high-speed, dry process, giving substantial productivity improvement. (Eliminates the need for a V-groove cutting and beveling in conventional post-processing)
  • “Spline Scribe function”is available to measure and cut strained ceramics automatically.
  • In addition to LTCCs, this compact scriber can cut glass substrates and other brittle materials (AIN, Ferrite and so on) up to 300mm squar

HBII Series

  • Breaker for mass production electric components.
  • This is a chopper bar pressing method breaking machine suitable for fully penetrating the median crack created by our scribing wheel or laser.
  • It is especially effective for maintaining the edge quality and strength of electric components.
  • The turntable and auto alignment function make possible for smooth and highly accurate XY breaking.
  • Breaking and camera unit is separated into two beams and its body is formed into durable composition.


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