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Since 1976, SPEA has been engaged, with creativity and innovation, in designing and manufacturing the best test equipment for microchips and electronic boards.
The key to success of SPEA lies in its products: state-of-the-art innovation and adaptability to the different customers' needs. By investing significant resources in R&D and engaging the most talented minds, SPEA manufactures testing solutions that, year after year, are confirmed as the most effective, the most advanced and the most competitive on the market.


Integrated MEMS/Sensors Test Cells

  • Over 25,000 UPH P&P handling
  • Parametric & Functional Testing
  • Up to 96x sites parallel test
  • Specific MEMS stimulus
  • Full parallel Final Test Concept
  • Contacting Interface
  • Input/Output 100% Configurable

SPEA Flying Probes S2 tester

  • Fastest probe speed with XYZ linear motors
  • Accurate Micro-SMD probing with XYZ linear optical encoders
  • Highest measurement accuracy with the revolutionary Flying Tester Concept
  • Unmatched probing flexibility with Multi-Jig technology
  • Flexible Board Loading: In Line-Manual-Automated
  • Widest Test Capabilities including LED Test, 3D Laser Test, Hi-res AOI, 4xOBP

DOT800T Power Semiconductor Test

With DOT800T, SPEA provides a complete solution for power testing, combining in a single machine all the resources to perform ISO, AC, DC tests on the whole range of power applications, from wafer level to final product test.
DOT800T addresses the test requirements of traditional Silicon devices as well as new Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide technologies, covering their performance range with the highest voltage and current source capabilities, high frequency and low current measurement capabilities.
The correct device operation is verified under actual working conditions with complete and accurate dynamic testsstatic test and isolation test sequences, to guarantee the quality and reliability of every device.
All of this, in a high-throughputmodular and configurable tester, designed for mass-production environments.


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