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ProTec Carrier Systems GmbH (PCS) is a young, highly innovative company specialized in the development, production, and marketing of systems and components for the transport as well as processing of thin and ultra-thin substrates. These applications are designed for the display, plastic (flexible) electronic, photovoltaic, and semiconductor industries in form of the worldwide patented Transfer ElectroStatic Carrier (T-EST®) Technology as well as Electrostatic Chuck (e-chuck) Technology.


Electrostatic Chuck Systems

Electrostatic Chuck Systems enlarged our business area. We intensify our collaboration with partners in the field of processing and handling thin substrates by means of stationary electrostatic chuck technology. We use electrostatic holding force for fixing substrates on stationary electrostatic chucks in manufacturing tools or on electrostatic carriers during different coating, high-temperature and plasma processes in vacuum environment. These applications are designed particularly for display, plastic (flexible) electronic and photovoltaic industries.



T-EST® Technology offers safe and easy handling as well as processing of thin and ultra-thin substrates. The basic concept behind this reversible chucking technology involves using electrostatic force to clamp thin and ultra-thin flexible wafers onto robust carriers (T-EST®) . Such wafer-carrier packages can be handled and processed like wafers of standard thickness. Therefore, existing standard cassettes, handling tools, and fabrication equipment can be used without modifications. Warp and bow of thin and ultra-thin substrates are eliminated.



Automated chucking system for use in three different ways:

  • Individual chucking module CM 3000,
  • integrable into other existing systems, e.g. process tools
  • Fully automated chucking unit ACU 3000
  • Stand-alone chucking unit SCU 3000


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