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SEC CO., LTD. designs and manufactures industrial X-ray inspection system and scanning electron microscope. Established in 1991, SEC pioneered e-beam control technology and served most advanced inspection & analysis system to customers for laboratory research and quality assurance. SEC prides itself 
on observing today's ever-changing needs for its customers by providing the most advanced and efficient technology in order to meet customer's production demands. Additionally, our goal is to provide the best service and attention to detail in order to exceed our customer's needs in a constantly evolving, technological environment.


X-ray Inspection System

Industrial X-ray inspection system, X-eye Series, cover all non-destructive X-ray inspection application. 
All X-eye series features outstanding configuration flexibility with various software tools, unparallel operator-friendly ergonomic design.


X-eye SF160 Series X-eye NF120 Series X-eye 6000AXI
  • PCB / SMD, Semiconductor, LED Inspection
  • 160kV Micro-focus Open tube (1um Focal Spot Size)
  • High Resolution X-ray Image (Max. 4,800x Magnification)
  • Table Size: 460mm x 510mm
  • Auto BGA Inspection Module
  • Computed Tomography (CT) - 3D Visualization
  • 120KV Nano Focus Open Tube: 400nm Spot size
  • 2/4 inch Digital Image Intensifier with Beryllium Detector window
  • Manipulator Max φ300mm Work Table with 6 Axis + Wafer Transfer Robot
  • High X-ray Power with Diamond Target (120Kv Open Tube)
  • Fully Customized Auto In-line 3D X-ray Inspection for POP package
  • 3D CT Tomography Inspection Technology
  • High UPH (Max 2.5 sec / ea) - 15mm x 15 mm (300EA – Dual Head)
  • Auto Tray Loading - Unloading, Auto Pass - Fail Sorting
  • Packaging Solder Joint Inspection Criteria: De Wet. Short. Big ball.Small ball. Miss Align


Scanning Electron Microscope

SEC provides premier electron microscope for nanotechnology. Nano-eye series covers affordable table-top electron microscope for entry level as well as conventional scanning electron microscope for experienced level.
Major Features:

SNE-4500M SNE-3200M SNE-3000MB
  • Max. 100,000x Magnification
  • 5kV to 30kV Variable Accelerating Voltage
  • SE Detector (BSE Detector – Option) 
  • 5-axis Strokes including Tilt & Rotation
  • 4-Hole Variable Aperture
  • Options - EDX System, Cooling Stage
  • Max. 60,000x Magnification
  • SE Detector & BSE Detector - Multi Mode
  • 5kV to 30kV Variable Accelerating Voltage
  • Multi-vacuum Mode - Standard Charge Up Reduction
  • 3-axis Strokes - X, Y, R (Optional T-axis)
  • Options - EDX System, Cooling Stage
  • Max. 30,000x Magnification
  • Backscattered Electron Image(BSED)
  • 5kV to 30kV Variable Accelerating Voltage
  • Multi-vacuum Mode - Standard Charge Up Reduction
  • 3-axis Strokes - X, Y, R
  • Options - EDX System, Cooling Stage


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