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High speed gravity testing handler(Action series)




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Applicable Package:SOP, SSOP, TSSOP
Test site:Dual site (Pitch 60mm)
Temperature mode:Ambient
Contactor type:

  • Standard (Short contact)

  • PTB(Long contact)



General Specification

Handler ModelAction Series (A2-150)
Applicable PackagesSOP,SSOP,TSSOP
Test siteDual site
Temperature modeAmbient
Contact typeStandard (Short contact), PTB(long contact)
Socket typeKelvin, non-kelvin , 3rd party
Tube Auto LoaderUp to 40 tubes (SO150)
Tube Auto UnloaderUp to 40 tubes
Tube manual unloader5 single tubes
UPHSee UPH Chart
Index Time ( > 0.2 test time)0.59 sec / single site;0.625 sec / dual site
Jam Rate1/6000 pcs for SO150
Test InterfaceTTL / RS232 / GPIB (option)
Contact ModeSynchronous / Asynchronous
Height190 cm
Footprint660mm x 750mm
Power Supply requirementAC 220V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Compressed Air Supply5.5 to 6 Bars, Dry filter Air