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  • Precision cleaning and activation for
    - 3D IC / Thin Wafer
    - Semiconductor Packaging
    - Industrial / Life Sciences
  • prior to improve
    - wafer bonding
    - die bonding
    - wire bonding
    - molding 
    - flip chip underfill
    - moldunderfill (MUF) 
    - solder ball attach
  • PLASMA cleaner shall be capable of improving wire bond ability and enhancing molding capabilities on copper leadframes and substrates



Process gases are ionized through microwave excitation in a vacuum chamber under low pressure of 0.1-1.5 mbar. Chemical radicals generated in this low-pressure plasma are reacting with the product surface and will either activate or clean it by forming volatile compounds, which are removed by the vacuum pump. The plasma cleaning process uses gases such as Ar, O2, N2, H2*, CF4 or mixtures thereof. Oxygen is one of the most frequently used process gases for the chemical surface treatment. (* pure H2 requires special safety features)



  PLASMA SYSTEM GIGA 690- Batch Type System
The Plasma System GIGA 690 is designed for cleaning advanced chip packages on wafer or chip level. This can be products inside of the original slotted or unslotted magazines or in other carriers.


  PLASMA SYSTEM GIGA 690- Batch Type System


  PLASMA 80 Plus GIGA - Loading / Unloading same side– Strip Type System
Microwaves of 2,45 GHz are simply applied on top of the vacuum chamber producing a largely extended plasma there. The stripes are processed in a downstream configuration. Due the use of microwaves the Plasma System GIGA 80 PLUS provides for fast and damage-free plasma processing. The system is easy to operate and features simply loading and unloading, manually as well as automatically. System software complies with standards in semiconductor industries. Due to the short process-time the system can be integrated into fully automated assembly lines.


  PLASMA 80 Plus GIGA HS (High Speed) – Strip Type System
Special features:
- Storage for the magazine trays
- Soft push” Concept
- Automatic strip size adjusting
- 3, 4, 5, 6 strip conversion kit


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