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Silicon Thermal

Supply complete high performance thermal control solutions for the semiconductor test industry. Applications range from engineering characterization to high volume production test. Full temperature range from 60 deg. C to + 150 deg. C.



Standalone controller with Fuzzy Logic and large digital readout of actual temperature and set point.300 Watts of cooling power.Regulation +/-0.1 C with constant heat load.RS485 or RS232 computer serial interface and remote Quick Set dial rapid set point input.Over-Under temperature and no flow safety shutoff and alarm.
Quick disconnects with shut offs for easy connection to thermal heads.
16 step integral ramp-soak profile programmability.
Universal AC Power input.Temperature range 40 degree C to + 125 degree C Ultra quiet operation suitable for office areas.Accept Thermocouple, RTD or thermal diode inputs. DC Thermal Power Shut-off switch.



Complete miniaturized thermal control system with15 Deg. C to +125 Deg. C temperature range.60 watts of cooling power, regulation +/- 0.1C with constant heat load.Miniature case measuring only: 2.5 H x 4.0 W x 10.3 D, ultra quiet operation suitable for office environment.Fuzzy logic controller with LED readout of actual and set point temperature.Over/Under temperature alarm.Integral 16 step ramp soak programmability.
TH60 thermal head mounts to test socket top using existing socket mounting holes. Customer replaceable thermal adapter for optimal flexibility Pivot latch design for easy part change out, adjustable contact force for different packages. Suitable for all package styles, QFP, BGA, PGA etc.
Integral moisture seal for inhibiting moisture at low temperature testing.
Thermally isolated sensor for true case temperature control.


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